• "Melissa is engaging, enthusiastic and fun." (Beginners course)

  • "Great fun, fitness is a bonus and I'm using muscles I was barely aware of before ." (Beginners course)

  • "Melissa is an extremely motivational teacher." Beginners course

  • "Being able to carry out a full routine by the end of the beginners course was a real achievement." (Beginners course)

  • "Brilliant classes, brilliant level of knowledge. You will learn more than just dance." (Beginners course)

  • "Would recommend to anyone." (Beginners course)

  • "Melissa's drum choreo and glutes work was great - really interesting facts about the mechanical happenings of what happens when you exercise etc, as well as having an intense but really enjoyable workout!! Glutes definitely feel more toned now, and the 1 min drum choreo was really good fun, really made us work hard and i felt the better for it." (From Drums, Bums and Tums workshop 2009)

  • "Melissa's glutes and drum choreo workshop was great - we worked hard, but came out feeling all relaxed." (From Drums, Bums and Tums workshop 2009)

"Nashida Abla would like to thank Melissa for the choreography that she wrote for us. The piece is a Bollywood fusion, very upbeat and great fun to perform. There are 7 of us in Nashida Abla and this choreography has been adapted to be performed by all of us but it has also been performed as a duet, to great reception. Mel has a great eye for what works and what brings out the best in performers and what suits them. We have had many compliments when we have performed it and it has had many outings to date and will have many more. Thanks again Mel xx" Nashida Abla are a bellydance troupe based in Basingstoke


  • "I booked Melissa for my birthday party and she did a great performance. The music was authentic and her costume looked great. It added a lot of glamour to the party and everyone loved it. I would recommend her totally." (Fiona Channon, April 2015)

  • "Melissa was amazing - the preciseness and timing of her dance was compelling." (From solo performance at Day of Dance, Basingstoke 2009)

  • "Melissa Hoare clearly enjoyed performing, and the joy of her exquisite dance translated from the stage to the audience." (From online review of solo performance at Saqarah, London 2011)

  • "Watching Melissa still perform solos whilst she was 8 months pregnant was absolutely mind blowing and incredible to watch - makes you want to get up and dance even if you can't bellydance." (Trudi Fletcher)

  • "I saw Melissa performing with her ATS group, Nirzari, at Party at the Pyramids in December 2012 and was bowled over by the performance. You can't help but be mesmerised by the dancing, it is really powerful. Melissa makes it look so easy." (Isabelle Hawkett)

  • "Her ability to tell a story through her clever choreography and her skilful body moves is second to none. Her dancing is graceful, articulate, funny, sad, even cheeky! Her joy and love of dance exudes as she performs, grasping her audience's attention. You will not be disappointed!" (Kim Smith)

  • "Melissa's performances are truly captivating. Through her dance she brings the audience to the very soul of the music. Wih careful interpretations and wonderful choreographies, Melissa is a real gem to watch and a superb inspiration" (Sam McCarthy)