about Bellydance

Why BellyDance?

Bellydance is an umbrella term for many Middle Eastern dance styles that include beautifully fluid undulations and clever isolations that look good on any body shape. It can be good for toning the arms and the waistline but its also great fun! It celebrates the feminine form and can promote good posture, confidence, flexibility and it's also a good way to socialise. This ancient art form can become addictive and there are many events in the area which are great for both the beginner and the improver.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable that allows ease of movement such as jogging bottoms and a t shirt. I can provide you with a hip scarf to borrow but it might be worth bringing something to tie around your hips in case there is a high demand for these. We dance with bare feet but if you would prefer to wear something on your feet I would suggest ballet shoes or some other soft shoe. Bring some water too.

Why learn with BellyTricks?

BellyTricks classes are very welcoming and friendly to newcomers and there is no pressure to perform if you don't feel comfortable. Baring your belly is not compulsory and men are also very welcome to join us.

"I've been dancing with Melissa since 2003 as a fellow student. Her knowledge, technical skills and her choreography left us in awe. When our previous teacher decided to retire, Melissa was the obvious, unanimous choice to take on the challenge as our new teacher! We became 'BellyTricks' and with Melissa's knowledge of different dance styles, enthusiasm, encouragement and above all, FUN attitude, she has helped build confidence in us all which has led to BellyTricks performing at numerous shows. If you want to learn to belly dance , have fun and get fitter, you'll find it all in one of Melissa's classes! Enjoy!"

Kim Smith

I am taking lessons with Melissa, both belly dancing and tribal. Melissa is a really good teacher, she guides you all the way without ever making you feel bad about yourself if you do anything wrong, she does great choreographies and her lessons are a joy to attend. I can't recommend her enough as a teacher or as a performer in her tribal group, Nirzari."

Isabelle Hawkett